Bethesda Massage Therapy



Offering Massage Therapy in the heart of Bethesda for over 20 years


Specialize in

Massage Therapy for Women

Combining Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage

for Pain Relief, Relaxation of the Muscles,

and Relief from Tension & Stress

 in Back, Neck & Shoulder.

Come and put yourself first,

let's work out the kinks, 

and get you on the path

of healing.


Dedicated to 

Paying attention to detail

and the assessment it takes 

in locating the areas

that could be triggering your discomfort. 

The body can hold tension and trauma from

an injury, physical exertion,

surgery, stress factors, 

poor posture, mental exertion or burnout, 

 prolonged stress, and major life changes.

Its effects can be held in our

muscles, tissues, organs, and fascia

until it can be released. 


A Relaxed Body Heals Better!!

Massage Therapy can help your mind and body 

Make an appointment using the scheduling tab above today. 


Did You Know

That 6 minutes of anger can cause

6 hours of an inflammatory response in the body 


*Please be advised that all COVID-19 safety protocols are in place and followed