Bethesda Massage Therapy


Offering Massage Therapy in the heart of Bethesda

for over 20 years! 


Massage Therapy = Manual manipulation of soft body tissue ( muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments) to enhance a persons health and well being.  

Specializing in combining Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage for Pain Relief, Relaxation of the Muscles, and Relief from Tension and Stress.  I specialize but am not limited to: Neck, Back, and Shoulder pain and discomfort.  

Massage Therapy helps relieve muscle aches, compliment and improve the results of physical therapy, injury recovery, and tension and stress relief.  

I believe in giving an effective and lasting massage.  I will work with you on addressing your recognized problem areas to help relieve discomfort.  

I am dedicated to paying attention to detail and the assessment it takes in locating the areas that could be triggering your discomfort. The body can hold tension and trauma; be it from an injury, physical exertion, surgery, stress factors, poor posture, mental exertion or burnout, prolonged stress, etc. Its energy is held in our bodies muscles, tissues, organs, and fascia, until it can be released.  

I will follow up with you after your visit to see how you are feeling and to remind or go over any at home techniques we discussed to further your healing process.    


Did you know that 6 minutes of anger can cause 6 hours of an inflammatory response in the body? 

Remember....a relaxed body heals better!