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Offering Massage Therapy in the heart of Bethesda

for over 20 years! 


Massage Therapy = Manual manipulation of soft body tissue ( muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments) to enhance a persons health and well being.  

Specializing in combining Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage for pain relief, relaxation, and relief from tension and stress.  

With the ability to relieve muscle aches, compliment and improve the results of physical therapy, injury recovery, or tension and stress, massage is a valued part of health care.

I believe in giving an Effective and Unwinding massage.  Giving you the benefits of helping to relieve you of tension and discomfort in recognized problem areas using  deep tissue if you want, and offer relief from stress by relaxing the body so you feel relaxed when you leave, all within the same massage session.  I strongly believe in the power of relaxation obtained with massage.  A relaxed being can take care of relaxing the tension in the muscles as well as the tension in our minds.  

I also use techniques to deactivate trigger points, that will relieve tightness and pain.  

I have found that some often misunderstand deep tissue as aggressive, too hard, or too painful, when deep tissue does not have to leave you feeling like you have been given a massage that you could not handle.  

Clients often say "how did you find that knotted spot, you went right to it" or "I didn't even know that tightness was there".  I am dedicated to paying attention to detail and the assessment of your bodys needs.   

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Thanks for visiting!  In health and relaxation,

Vicki, LMT

Did you know that 6 minutes of anger can cause 6 hours of an inflammatory response in the body? 

Remember....a relaxed body heals better!