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The testimonials from you are welcomed and what helps my business to continue to grow.  Please feel free to email any comments to me so that i can add them to the website.  Thank you to everyone for sharing.  

I had terrible neck and shoulder pain from working at the computer daily.  Since I found Vicki, the pain has disappeared. I have recommended her to many family and friends. I get huge smiles when I give one of her gift certificates!                                           Roxane, Bethesda

Excellent massage!  Vicki is a stellar massage therapist.  She is incredibly intuitive and really focuses on any areas that need extra attention. I have been a loyal client for years and recommend her to all of my friends.  Vicki is the best massage therapist in the DC area.  Her office space is in a great Bethesda location and it is a beautiful space with an incredibly calming and comfortable room.

Deidre, Bethesda 

I have gone to Vicki for massage for years from Jolie the Day Spa in Bethesda.  She has given me massages that I can not compare to all the other places I have gone to.  I am very particular in choosing my massage therapist and especially the type of massage I like to have is deep tissue.  I must say Vicki has an amazing skill set in what she is doing. She is knowledgable in the human anatomy as well as applying her skills and experience to heal all the tension in the body.  She is not only just giving you a wonderful and effect massage, but you can feel she cares for you as a person. Every single time I left the massage I felt wonderful, renewed, and relaxed.

Hannah, Odenton

Amazing massage.  I've seen Vicki for years, and I wouldn't go to anyone else.  Nor would my husband!  She is trained in anatomy and incredibly intuitive about how to work on tension spots.  Every massage is different, and she knows what to work on and where the body needs extra attention.  Her location in Bethesda is hard to beat.  There's always available parking. You'll feel relaxed and reinvigorated by Vicki's massage and you'll never want the session to end.  It's pure bliss.

Sharon, Chevy Chase

Best massage therapist in Bethesda, best I've had anywhere.  If I travel and stay at a spa I usually book a massage.  Now that I've experienced Vicki I wait to get home to book with her.

Kate, Bethesda

I have been going to Vicki for a while now.  She is THE BEST! I have had many massages over the years, and each one lacked that special something. I found the perfect match in Vicki! She is experienced and really listens to the client's needs. Each session with her is different than the time before in a good way.  I always leave feeling relaxed and stress-free. Oh, and her location is fabulous too! Can't wait for my next session with Vicki!!!

Jeanie, Chevy Chase